Some useful information about myself, Sandra Killen:

Life experiences play a very large part in my healing work as I understand situations like  hyperthyroidism,  post traumatic stress disorder, deep depression, past life connections, chakra clearing and healing, listening to your words and being a sounding board for the words that you use, I have had many successes with my work.

Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntingdon’s Chorea etc are all DNA related in some way, I call it a new way of thinking and working.  We are all connected to our ancestors, as the saying goes; ‘the sins of the fathers are visited on their children’ this is perfectly true but need not be the case, clearing DNA history clears patterns in families for future generations to be clear of devasting dis-eases.  Depending on how far down the road the dis-ease has taken you as to how much healing you can receive but there is no reason whatever not to have a healing as the future generations will still be free of the DNA strands.

I am always here for my clients, if a situation arises from forgotten traumas, out of a treatment received I would rather hear from you before the next treatment to be able to allay your concerns and find a solution.  I work in an holistic way which means I cover every aspect of your healing  through the mind, body and spirit connection, spirit as with, you are a living being within a spirit, it is not religiously based but is love based, also I never promise anything as your healing is your healing, we are all responsible for whatever happens to us, but if you are interested in healing yourself I always wish the best for my clients, intention is everything and I will help you as quickly as I can.

Having been a fully qualified therapist in Reflexology for over twenty four years I qualified with the Association of Natural Medicine, and also hold Diploma Certificates in Clinical  Hypnotherapy, Flower Essences, Colour and Light Therapy, South West Medical Products Consultant for Zepter UK, Anatomy and Physiology and am a BAHA Healer, being Registered and Insured through the Hypnotherapy Association and Howden’s Insurance.

My practice is based at my home in Tywardreath and at the Bodmin Therapies Partnership, Priory Road, Bodmin.