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Healing Treatments at ½ Price During July/August

Mind, Body and Spirit Healing at ½ Price During July and August We all know that having stressfull lives causes illness, it compromises the immune system and brings us low in spirit, so now is your chance to sort out … Continue reading

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Heart Disease and What REALLY Causes It!!!

This is what I’ve been telling my clients for the past 20 years as I discovered it when I worked with a client who had a cholesterol count of 7.5 and after clearing her stress it dramatically dropped to 4.5, … Continue reading

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Maureen’s Testimonial

With most complementary medicine methods it is often diffiuclt to tell whether it has made a difference, but this wonderfully kind lady is very effective and competent in her practice, leaving me feeling more confident, able to cope emotionally. Sandra … Continue reading

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Stress and Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress and tension? Would you like to do something about it? Here at Wellbeing Healthwise I use Hynotherapy Scripts and Reflexology to help reduce stress and anxiety.  Stress is high on a lot of people’s lists … Continue reading

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>Hypnotherapy is a lovely treatment as its very relaxing for the mind, body and spirit. There is nothing to fear as the therapist is never the one in control of the treatment, you are, whatever is suggested whilst you are … Continue reading

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Joan’s Testimonial

>”I have known Sandra Killen for a number of years. She came to my houseonce or twice every two months to give me reflexology. Sandra is friendly.and understanding and the treatment I received was very effective incorrecting areas within my … Continue reading

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>Reflexology Treatments

>Reflexology is truly a non-invasive therapy whereby the practitioner sees the patient as a whole. A Reflexology treatment, working on the feet has many benefits. It leads to better functioning of the circulatory system, as blood flow is improved, taking … Continue reading

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>Space Clearing and Psychic Protection

>Space Clearing and Psychic Protection: I offer a Space Clearing Service to clear negative thought forms and strange atmospheres from buildings, charges vary from building to building. I also teach how to protect yourself from psychic attack, malevolent entities, entities, … Continue reading

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>Flower Essences Treatments

>Flower Essences are excellent for helping with emotional problems, e.g. The Monday Morning Blues, Depression, SAD, Going over old thoughts in your head, Fears known and unknown etc.Nature is a wonderful medium for healing, flowers trees and plants are no … Continue reading

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>Hypnotherapy treatments

>Hypnotherapy is often thought of in terms of Stage Hypnosis where the client seems to have no control over the treatment being received, which can be very frightening, nothing could be further from the truth. You are often going into … Continue reading

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