Colour and Light Therapy

What is Colour and Light Therapy?

How can it help with healing?

Colour affects every part of our being without it we would be nothing. It affects the tiniest cells and organisms right throughout to all the seven bodies (physical, etheric, aura, lower mental, higher mental, lower spiritual, higher spiritual) that make up our existence. The Chakra system is the area where colour is concentrated through the mind, but the rest of the bodies from the physical to the spiritual are also affected. Choosing which clothes to wear first thing in the morning is a subconscious act because the colours that we choose are the ones that our body needs for that day. It is very important that we take notice of the colours that we are wearing because they are the colours that we are lacking in our aura.

There are eight complementary colours that make up the chakra system which most therapists work with, they are: Red and Blue, Orange and Indigo, Yellow and Violet, Green is the balance and Magenta is its complementary colour. All the warm colours are to do with the earth and creativity and the cool colours are to do with the cosmic energy and spirituality.

There are negative as well as positive traits to all the colours.

The positive traits of red are: Strength, energy, going with the flow, stand up and be counted, it’s to do with your structure and basic needs, survival kit.   The negative aspects are: Anger and aggression.

The Positive traits of blue are: Its ability to calm inflammation and helping with calming angry situations. The negative side of blue is: It can cause fearful nervous disposition in someone who is very anxious or pessimistic.

The positiive traits of orange are: creativity, warm, generous, courageous, wisdom, kind hearted, steadfast, tolerant and energetic. The negative side to orange is: It can cause obsessional compulsive disorder which affects the mental stability of the person, over indulgence, sexual difficulties, envy and bladder/uterine disorders.

Indigo is used for balancing the over production of orange and helps to gain mental stability and is a great purifier of the blood stream.

The positive traits of yellow are: Mental agility, probing, tolerant, broad mindedness, wisdom, joyous, healthy, vital energy, sunny disposition, carefree and optimistic. The negative traits are: Being over analytical, a worrier, self opinionated, boastful, pessimistic, sarcastic, forgetful, stupid, intellectually rigid, incessant talker, critical, lack of confidence, stress disorders, fear, hate, abuse of power, digestive problems.

Positive traits of violet are: Balance of spirituality, calmness, peace and service. The negative aspects are: Passionate, ruthless and lust for power.

The positive traits of green are: Love, harmony with everything and everyone, expansion, determination to succeed, pleased to be of service to others, generous, tenacious, and faithful. The negative traits are: Jealousy, limiting self, envious, destructive, argumentative, stubborn, obstinate, violent, dogmatic, weak, suspicious, careless, over defined habits, difficulty with relationships, pessimistic.

There are no negative aspects to magenta as it is the centre of spirituality and is our connection to the infinite intelligence.

When a person feels uncomfortable with a colour it is always wise to find out the connection to that colour and why they feel uncomfortable with it. Perhaps they were in hospital very ill and the colour on the walls was a certain colour, when shown that particular colour it will take them back to the hospital ward, it might give them a sickly feeling all over again. To change the fear of the colour is to work with the reason behind the negative thoughts or feelings, which will give the person a much better feeling towards the colour and a better understanding of why they didn’t like it in the first place. Understanding a situation goes a long way towards helping with the healing. Working with the complementary colour will help with balancing the situation.

For instance if there were inflammation in the body then the cool blue would be chosen to soothe away the inflammation, if there were a blood disorder then red would be chosen to help the body gain energy and to combat the disorder. Orange is made up of two primary colours of red and yellow, this makes it a little cooler than red but it can still be used for warming the body, for helping with mental problems, adrenals, bladder and kidney problems, bronchitis, chronic asthma, reproductive system problems, epilepsy, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Indigo is the complementary colour to orange and can also help with dyslexia, dyspraxia and epilepsy because these complaints don’t just affect one or two chakras, they affect the whole system, they are all to do with coordination on all levels as well as mood swings that are controlled by the parathyroid and also the overloaded nerves to the brain which cause epilepsy. Indigo is also indicated when there is an ear, eye or sinus problem, also look at the digestive system to see what is going on there, especially the illeocecal valve which is the valve between the large and small intestines.

Yellow is the complementary colour to violet, so where there is liver and gallbladder, pancreatitis, diabetes, stomach, spleen, skin or nervous problem, yellow would be indicated.

The violet ray is there to help us to connect to our higher consciousness and is linked to the crown chakra. It gives us the feeling of total oneness with all aspects of self, earth and the universe. Violet can be used for over all emotional, physical, nervous and vascular healing. It is good for people who are highly strung and live on their nerves.

Green is found at the heart chakra and so is the balancing force for all the other chakras. It is neither solely spiritual nor solely earthly, but is the coming together of the two, the heart is the out pouring of love and so when the heart is closed down it is ipossible to love and be loved. Green is the colour of balance and an excellent colour to help with breathing difficulties.

Magenta is found above the crown chakra and is the colour of purist spiritual energy that lets go of all concerns and worries and is of the eternal spiritual self made up of the energies of perfection. If there is a lot of green negativity in the system, then magenta would be an excellent colour to use to combat it. All dis-ease of the body can be helped by colour but it is up to the individual to want that help and even if they don’t like the thought of colour healing, colour is affecting them on many levels anyway because they are seeing it all around them at all times.

Colour and Light Therapy is a new concept in healing whereby all colours affect us in very profound ways from what we wear each day to the colours we choose to put on the walls in our homes, nature, the sun etc. Using the colours of the rainbow, chakras, meridian and the endocrine systems gives a very gentle but effective treatment.
If you would like any help or for more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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