>Headache and Migraine Relief

>Headaches are often brought on by stressful situations, again it maybe the difficult relationship, pressure at work or of work. They mostly stem from the liver being over toxified with toxins and the body’s elimination system not as efficient as it could be maybe the gallbladder is working overtime to produce bile which in turn upsets the stomach which gives the headache.

Another form of headache is that at sometime in the past you fell on your coccyx and damaged it and so therefore there’s pain in the lower back which isn’t there all the time and when there’s no pain in that area you may have a headache instead, all that is happening is the pain is going up the spine to the head, it’s called pain transference, as the spine is one straight line there is nothing to stop the pain from going up through it to your head. There are things that you can do to help yourself, depending on which side of your head you have the headache work on that hand, so if you have a pain on the left side of your head or more leaning that way use your left hand to help clear the pain.

Turn your hand over so that your palm is uppermost and with your right thumb press on the area at the base of the palm nearest to your wrist directly under the little finger. DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD it can be very painful if you press really hard but know that you are relieving pain and not causing pain, do little circular movements on this point, after a while you will find that the pain in that part of your hand stops hurting, when that happens put a little more pressure on, again make sure you don’t hurt yourself but there is a bit of discomfort, carry on doing this until you are pressing heavily on this point without pain then leave well alone.

Now go to the top outside part of your thumb directly beside the point where you cut your nail adjoining the thumb, again do little circular movements not pressing too hard but hard enough that you can feel the discomfort, keep pressing harder each time it feels as though the pressure has been released until you feel that you are pressing really hard but there is no actual pain under your thumb. The first point you were working on is the coccyx point and the second is the headache point. This can be done every evening until there is no pain in either point, then try it every third evening until there is no pain leaving a longer time span perhaps a week between each treatment until you have cleared the pain in the base of the spine and the headache.

If it’s a headache on its own then again think about the side of the head that hurts and use the relevant thumb point, work in the same way as above but this time also working on your right hand again with your palm facing, look for your life line and do a thumb walk in towards the middle of your palm approximately to between the middle of your forth and third fingers from directly under the little finger, this is the liver point. The liver is one of the largest organs in your body so it covers quite a large area of your palm.  Again, do not press too heavily as this can hurt as you are probably quite angry or stressed about something and anger is always housed in the liver, if you can forgive the person in your mind who has upset you this will also help to ease the headache. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it for yourself find yourself a qualified Reflexologist and get shown what to do, you can then carry on for yourself.

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