Polycystic Ovaries, Endometriosis and Infertility


DO YOU SUFFER FROM POLY CYSTIC OVARIES, ENDOMETRIOSIS or other distressing gynaecological problems?


If you are open to new holistic ideas then you might like to consider a different approach which has brought success to a number of my clients.

Using a combination of tried and tested therapies, which together form a basis for my work with you, we can devise a plan of action which, depending upon your requirements, may include the following services:



Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, EMDR)

Colour and Light Therapy


To find out more about these powerful techniques, your first step is to book a free 15 minute telephone fertility consultation (Sandra Killen 0845 803 7307….) to talk through how my therapies can be of support to you and your partner.

This is a subject which causes many people so much heartache because of not being able to conveive.  I like to get to the root cause as to why this has happened so I ask quite specific questions that help you to understand why?
I have had a lot of success with this having had clients who have had no periods throughout their lives because of PCOs and then becoming pregnant after only a few monthly treatments.


Then there are other clients who wanted children who had been going for tests, again I saw them for a few monthly treatments and they became pregnant and now have lovely children.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing as one lady I saw on three occassions became pregnant but unfortunately it turned out to be an ectopic pregnanacy and so had to be terminated.  As she lived away from Cornwall I was unable to see her again, but she was delighted that she had become pregnant at all was very pleasing to her.

Endometriosis is another aspect of fertility problems that can be helped, again asking specific questions can tell me a lot about you and why you have the problem in the first place.  When fear is at the bottom of the problem the body puts up blockages which help to stop pregnancy from happening, clearing those fears helps one to move forwards and gain the relief and release that is needed to become pregnant.
I cannot promise anything as there are many diverse reasons why pregnancy doesn’t happen but what I can promise is that I will do my best to help you to find the best route for you to become pregnant if  it is at all possible

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