Infertility Treatments

Is your dearest wish to get Pregnant?

Do you suffer from heavy or no periods at all?

Infertility is a very emotional subject, with the harsh aspect of feeling inadequate.  You really do not have to feel this way and on some occasions this could be one of the key factors that is stopping you from conceiving.  There is always a story behind not being able to conceive, by getting to the root of the story helps to move the emotions that are stopping conception.

Even pollycystic ovaries has a story, think about your life and what has happened throughout it, has there been a time when you’ve been in a difficult relationship? Did you on some level, want to protect yourself from becoming pregnant?  Was there a difficult relationship with your father, brother, uncle etc somewhere along the line?  All these things have an impact on your life and working on those negative situations can bring about a healing.

I work with hypnotherapy, meditation, creative visualisation, reflexology, colour and light therapy, metamorphic technique and flower essences which enables us to work together to produce the programme of healing specifically aimed at you and your presenting problems to bring about a resolution.

Although I have had 95%success with all the treatments I’ve given I cannot promise anything, but what I can promise is that I will use all the tools at my disposal to help you to become pregnant, but I can only go as fast as you will allow me to.

Why feel the pain of IVF when you can receive the healing you are looking for through very simple but effective techniques.  Your first treatment is only an appointment away please use the contact details below.