What is Reflexology?

How can it help with Healing?

Reflexology can be worked on the feet, hands, ears head.  Meridians in the body get stimulated along with all the organs, systems and blood.  Blockages appear as little crystals under the reflexologists fingers which pin point areas of the body that need simulating and clearing, toxins are released into the blood stream where they are eliminated in whatever way the body can expell them, through sweating, perspiring, the elimination systems, sleep and through drinking plenty of water over a 24 to 48 hour period after a treatment.  I have found that working slowly into the points is far more advantageous and relaxing than pressing as hard as possible on each point to relieve any congestion and the body appreciates the more gentle approach.

The feet, hands and ears are like miniature maps of the body which, when stimulated by thumb walking, or finger pressure show what is happening inside the body, reading these maps can be very diagnostic but a reflexologist cannot diagnose, only doctors can do that, in fact I prefer it if you come to me with a diagnosis so that we can work together to clear whatever it is that ails you.  Also it is very important to get your doctors approval before taking on any complementary therapy so that your doctor is aware of what is happening and can monitor your progress.