Thyroid and weight problems

Do you have Weight Problems?

Do you suffer Mood Swings?

Do you seem to be putting on Weight for no Apparent Reason?

The thyroid can have a profound affect on weight gain/loss.  Hypothyroidism can be caused by a slow metabolic rate due to the hypothalamus not producing the right amount of hormones for the pituitory gland to send to the thyroid for the body to function properly, this can cause lethargy, lack of stimulating hormones and giving problems for weight gain.   Do you tend to eat more carbohydrates in your diet?  This is good if you’re an athlete but not so good for an office worker or have a sedentary life style as this is the way to increase weight.

Do you eat your meals late in the evening after seven o’clock, as the food that you eat at this time of night causes the digestive system to be either sluggish or the food sits heavily in the stomach until the morning.  There are control panels in the hypothalamus which can be put up or down according to the problem which helps to bring the metabolic rate back to normal which in turn automatically helps to lose weight. (Signs of Thyroid problems must be checked by your Doctor).

Having had an overactive Thyroid which was very unpleasant but taught me a lot, I found going to a Kinesiologist paid dividends as I was extremely thyrotoxic and had a thyroxin count of 67 (25 is the usual amount of thyroxin the body produces) so I know how helpful from first-hand experience vitamins and minerals can be, an invaluable help for putting right the thyroid.

I was told that there was no cure for an overactive thyroid and that I had to either kill it off with Carbimazole tablets, Radio Active Iodine, or have an operation and have it chopped. I asked if there was another way to proceed, but was told ‘no’, those were my only options.  I had an innate feeling that there was another way forward.  I had suffered the situation for about two years so was well down the road of all the symptoms, being out of breath when climbing stairs or going for a walk, having to pace myself when doing gardening or any kind of manual work, shaking from my feet up and not being able to hold a camera still to be able to take good pictures, my eyes were out on stalks and I had a goiter. I had had an allergy to nickel since a teenager and thought I had to live with it but it was all part and parcel of what was wrong with me.

I was very pleased when I was told of an excellent Kinesiologist who was able to tell me, within an hour, what was wrong. I had very little manganese in my body and needed 50mgs straight away and my body actually needed 100 mgs but had to wait 3 weeks before I could take the 100 mgs.  I then had to add other vitamins and minerals to bring my body back to balance (this all happened in 1999/2001) and today my thyroid is working well.

All these things happened when I was also going through the menopause, so my own thinking on this is that the menopause triggered the thyroid which was already suffering from a lack of manganese, which caused my body to lose the rest of the manganese that I had.  11 years on and I still have to check my manganese levels occassionally, if I suffer a lot of hiccoughs, or I find swallowing dryish food difficult these are the main tell tale signs that my manganese levels are down.

Vitamins and minerals also help the body to work more efficiently. Vitamin B complex helps with hormonal problems, menopausal, overweight, thyroid problems both under and overactive, but it’s important to find out the root cause of either one and get the correct treatment.

To get help with weight problems Iam only a click away to make an appointment, but please see your doctor first to make sure there are no other underlying causes and let him know that you are seeking the help of a hypnotherapist/reflexologist.


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